Issur v’Heter

Siman 87 discusses the status of whey/Mei Chalav. It is also apparent from the Rishonim that there are 2 different types of whey, and their Milchig or Pareve status may be different. Following is a description of extracting cheese from whey which illustrates this point.


Siman 87 describes “smoking” and not a normal method of cooking that is Assur miD’Oraisa for Basar b’Chalav. Furthermore, in Siman 112 the Shulchan Aruch rules that there is no Issur of Bishul Akum regarding “smoking”. It is apparent that there are two distinct methods of “smoking”, and it would be logical thta their Halachos may be different. the Prisha 87:2 hints at these two methods; hot smoking and cold smoking. The following document describes them adn should aid in determining which one Chazal were describing.

Smoked fish

The identity of Chiltis, the ultimate Davar Charif is unfamiliar to most of us. The following is a brief description of Chiltis.