Kollel Online

We are very excited to announce that in the honor of the 13th year of our Kollel, we are offering the opportunity for all of our friends to participate in the Kollel’s learning.

Utilizing cutting edge technology, we are beginning to present on our site sugyos that we learned in the Kollel in a method that simultaneously allows people to learn the Halachos in depth as we do in the Kollel seeing numerous Seforim inside, while catering to those who cannot join us in person or commit to the specific hours of the Kollel.

Each topic is laid out in an organized manner from the Gemara and Rishonim down to the later Acharonim and Poskim, including the applicable pages from each Sefer. The relevant sections of each Sefer are clearly highlighted, followed by an audio recording which concisely summarizes the main points one is meant to take away from each Sefer.

Each topic concludes with a recording of the actual Shiur delivered in the Kollel, alongside a written transcript of the Shiur.

Access to these materials is currently open to the general public, but you will need to register for a free account to access them. Click here to register for an account on our site, and here to begin learning the first topic in Hilchos Berachos, Pas Ha’Ba’ah B’Kisnin.

We hope you will be as excited about this new development as we are!!!

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